Theft at the Peabody

Theft at the Peabody Cover 300 

Theft at the Peabody is a modern day Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition adventure written for four to six investigators. This product contains a 12 page adventure, 13 pages of handouts and five pre-generated characters with backgrounds. You can purchase your copy at DriveThruRPG.

A early morning theft at the Peabody Museum. Your girlfriend kidnapped and her brothers horribly murdered. What do they have in common?  Can you save her in time?

The adventure has one special artifact: Paws of the Bear - a deadly trap...

Here are the pre-generated characters:

Private Investigator Benjamin "Ben" Gerald Stacy
Ben has known Irene May for a number of years now. They crossed paths  and she insights into the criminal underground in Boston. She helped to collar a pair of killers, though truth be told, Ben thinks she cares more about them killing the dog.

Steve Carr is a kind of father figure/big brother Ben never had. Steve is really smart and good to bounce ideas off of.

Wally Ogg is an engineer pehom. He has helped figure out how some things get done that look impossible. Ben recommended him to Steve Carr to set up the network and security at Steve's Free Clinic.

Ben Met Gillian Rhodes through a third party. She knows quite a bit about the occult and antiques. She is a bit odd.

Ben went on one date with Sylvia Phipps, he was looking forward to a second date.

Antiques Dealer/Occultist Gillian Ida Rhodes
Gillian met Karen Schafer (Director of Collections at the Peabody) when at University and is an old friend. The call from Karen came out of the blue. She had not connected in some time.

She met Irene May when she brought some unusual stuff to be appraised. And occasionally has sold her some interesting artifacts.

She met Ben Stacy when he needed some information about something a bit occult. Nice guy, Ms. Phyllis (her spirit guide) says he is OK.

Hired Wally Ogg to set up the security system for the shop. He is quite smart.

Fence Irene Daria May
Irene was contacted about week prior to the adventure starting by a Mr. M, one of her criminal contacts who was looking for someone to steal a few select items from a rather high security environment. For the requisite finders fee, you put Mr. M in touch with the Phipps brothers.

She is Sylvia Phipps' BFF since high school. She is the sweetest person. You owe her a big debt as she gave you an alibi that kept you from going to prison.

She met Ben Stacey when he was looking into a series of robberies looking to recover some family heirlooms. The fellows who pulled off the job, murdered a security guard and kill a dog. Irene did not feel bad at all about turning them over to Ben - at least he isn't a cop. And they did kill a dog...

She met Dr. Carr when Ben took her to the clinic after a run in with the bad actors. His Free Clinic is a legit no questions asked zone. Though he does try to get you to talk to the cops.

She met Gillian Rhodes in a professional capacity, selling some acquired goods. Gillian asked just the required questions and did not dig too deeply. If I am not sure what something is worth, I call Gillian.

Dr. Steve Andrew Carr
Dr. Carr runs a Free Clinic down town, no questions asked, but he does encourage them to talk to the Police when necessary.

he has known Ben Stacey for years. Kind of like the little brother he never had. Good kid.

He met Irene Day when Ben brought her in. Dr. Carr learned later they took down a pair of murderers.

He met Wally Ogg when Wally did some pro-bono work installing a security system and network in the clinic. Smart cookie. Ben recommended him.

Engineer Wally Ogg
Wally met Gillian Rhodes when he- set up her security system for her store. Lots of cool old stuff there. Though she was cute; but she is really in to some weird stuff. Caught her talking by herself to a Ms. Phillis

He met Dr. Carr by doing some pro-bono work at his clinic. Set up network and security system. Really smart guy. Fun to talk to.

He knows Ben Stacey through a friend. Needed some analyses about how something could be done. Loved the challenge. Got to apply his physics skills to robbery. Ben recommended him to do the work at the Free Clinic.