My Uncle's Trunk - A Stolen Inheritance


My Uncle's Trunk - A Stolen Inheritance contains:

41 Page adventure with 38 additional pages of handouts and 6 pre-generated characters

Full color maps, lots of photos and graphics

6 Pre-generated fleshed out characters

5 Mythos Items:  A Fetch Stick, Blessed Blade, Jade Amulet, A Summoning Book and a Soul Portrait

A Stolen Inheritance

As William St. James' sole surviving heir, you have received an inheritance from your favorite Uncle: an old travel trunk full of memorabilia and a huge portrait of your uncle. Oh, and did I forget the trust? Can you get your stolen inheritance back? 

Your Uncle, author, adventurer, archaeologist, occultist and folklorist, died in the Carpathian Mountains researching the origins of the Vampire myth. What secrets will his diary hold? You only have your inheritance for a couple of days when the trunk is stolen. Who is the mysterious Mr. Blakk? What is Bureau 13? And how was it connected to your uncle? 

My Uncle’s Trunk - A Stolen Inheritance is a modern day Call of Cthulhu adventure for 4 to 6 adventurers. The main adventure is 41 pages with an additional 38 pages of handouts. Loads of pictures, graphics and new layout. Six fleshed out pre-generated characters to get you going quickly. The Keeper is free to pick one to receive the inheritance, so if you do not use them all, the inheritor can be any one of them or none of them, the you can choose.

The Investigators:

Thomas Taylor - Retired Police Detective

Patricia "Pat" Moore - Lawyer

Derek Jameson - Book Dealer

Jill Rodriguez - Computer Programmer

Mark Davis - Emergency Medical Technician

Jane Millson - MMA Fighter

All are linked together, but you can use all or none of them. You choose.