The Incredible Dr. Quinn

The Incredible Dr. Quinn - Cover 300

The Incredible Dr. Quinn contains:

New full color maps maps

5 Pre-generated fleshed out characters

10 Page adventure with 25 additional pages of handouts and pre-generated characters

New investigator society - The Amherst Investigators

New Mythos Spell - Crawl the Net

Mythos Item - Mi-Go brain canister

While on the way to meet a contact, you witness his murder by a Policeman in front of you and the Policeman kills himself.
What was he looking into? Did it get him killed? What happens when technology and the Mythos combine?

The Amherst Investigators:
PI Petra Fanny Rafique - Founder of the Amherst Investigators. Started the group when I got stuck on an investigation and it took on a life of its own. Five cases later, they each have a role to play. Capt Mark, the miltary man; Dr. Sandra - MD for the group;Programmer (hacker) Jasmine; and Barney the southern charmer. All of the cases that the AI investigates usually has a wierd take and most cases are probono.

Capt Mark Walter Webley - The Amherst Investigators saved my life. After I retired from the military, I felt lost, almost ready to end it all when I saw the meetup email about the group. It caught my interest for the first time in a long time. Every time I am just about to give up, there is another case. The group has become like a family to me and given me a reason to keep going.

Dr. Sandra Beatrice Ashurst - I met Petra after she showed up at the ER with a concussion. She invited me to join her group. I proved very interesting diversion from being an ER doc, I have become very attached to this group.

Bartender/Occultist Barnabas Beaurguard Bishop - Petra is a regular at my bar "The Irish Gnome." When she asked out using the private room for meetings, I said sure. It did not take long to suck me in. The Investigator's meetings are interesting and I was able to contribute. I guess having beer available didn't hurt either.

Programmer Jasmine Kathy Stanley - I did some 'research' for Petra a few years back. She always has my back. When Petra told me about her 'Amherst Investigators,' I told her I was in. Capt. Mark is a stodgy old fart, but you can count on him. And the Doc, well, nuff said. And never underestimate the power of a free beer!