The Strawman


The Strawman contains:

New full color maps maps

5 Pre-generated fleshed out characters

15 Page adventure with 12 additional pages of handouts and 5pre-generated characters

Mythos Item - Pipes of Maddness

Urban Legend Comes to Life

Everyone has heard a urban legend of the Scarecrow murdering innocent people. Now it seems to have become real. This small town is not your normal tourist destination…
Four murders in small town, slashed to death, straw found at the scene. A scarecrow was seen fleeing the scene of the last murder. The madness seems to be contagious outbreak. 10 people have gone insane. The numbers just don’t add up. The last murder happened happened over 20 years ago. This was a peaceful place, until 8 months ago. A madness outbreak - ten people have gone insane in past eight months, that have been reported.
The urban legend of the Straw Man has taken on new meaning. Is he behind the murders? Is it causing people to go insane? Back in the 1950’s, the state was terrorized by serial killer dressed as the Scarecrow and armed with a sickle. Has he come back?

The Investigators:
Benson Templeton -I met David Greggson while working at the VA part time. Giving back to the Vets. He is great nurse and friend. I met Georgia McConnell while doing some work for the Harrisburg PD. She is a go getter that never gives up. Melody Mickelson is quite the looker, but smart too. And what she can do with a make up brush is amazing. James Paxton just needed a bit of direction after Afghanistan. I hope our little ad-hoc group can provide that. Georgia has used him to intimidate a few less savory characters.

David Greggson - I met Benson Templeton through the VA. He is great with the Vets. We struck up a friendship. He is easy to talk to which is why he is great at his job. He brought Georgia McConnell to see me after she apparently 'won' a knife fight. Would hate to see the other guy. Benson recommended James Paxton to Georgia to help her out. Seems to have helped them both. I met Melody through Georgia McConnell. She is quite the stunning and a great makeup artist. You won't recognize yourself after she gets done...

Georgia McConnell - I pulled my small group of ad-hoc associates together through necessity. I met Ben Templeton when I worked as a cop. He is an adept profiler. When I needed to be stitched up after a nasty knife fight, Ben introduced me to David Greggson, a nurse. When I needed some extra muscle, Ben suggested James Paxton a war vet he met while working at the VA. Ben suggested James needed 

Melody Mickelson - I met Georgia after she busted my younger brother for underage drinking. Boy, did she scare him straight! Shw has become a good friend. She introduced me to Ben and David. I call them the Dynamic Duo. Ben can talk anyone down from a ledge and David can stitch them up after they fall. Quite a combo. Not sure to what to think about James Paxton. He is a hard one to figure out. But he can be counted on. Taught me how to shoot.

James Paxton - After Afghanistan, life has been hard. Being maimed, and horrid looking limits you prospects. I thank god for Benson and David. When I was about to give up, they introduced me to Georgia McConnell. It is good to have work and a purpose again. Working on getting my PI license. Georgia introduced me to Melody. I would have had a chance with a girl like that before Afghanistan, but not now. She can even make me look decent.