Dead Man's Dreams

Dead Man's Dreams Cover 300

Dead Man's Dreams is a stand alone modern day 7th ed. Call of Cthulhu adventure written for 4-6 investigators. The package contains an ten page scenario, seven pages of handouts and four pre-generated investigators. You can purchase your copy at DriveThruRPG.

Bill Forestner, a recently passed friend is accused of murder... after he died. How did this happen?

The adventure has two special artifacts: The Journal of Mordecai Shakely - a minor mythos tome with a couple of spells in it and The Amulet of Tonatiuh - an amulet of power, but with a price...

Here are the pre-generated characters:

Dr. Mathew Rupert Weston
Dr. Matt Weston was a medic in Vietnam. Became a medical doctor, then moved over to Archaeology as he enjoyed it more than sick people. He met Molly Downing in one of his classes. She was like a little sister he never had. Bill Forestner had contacted him several times in the past to examine at some unusual artifacts.

Janice Jane "JJ" Legrice
JJ Legrice is an investigative reporter and Rochester local and will have a base 20% chance of having a contact somewhere - whether they are helpful or not is another story. She is an investigative reporter with a nose for the news. She has met Detective Arthur Hughes before. She is a close friend to Barney Pritchard. They met taking night classes at Columbia University. She got wind of this crazy story from a contact in the Rochester PD.

Detective Tarquil "Barney" Pritchard
Barney Pritchard was fostered by the Forestner's before he became a medic in Iraq. Used his GI Bill to get a Criminal Justice Degree and became a cop. Met JJ Legrice taking night classes at Columbia University. She has tipped Barney off to a couple of bad people which led to solving some crimes. Came back `home' to help Mary Forestner with the funeral arrangements. Now this happens.

Violet Molly Downing
Violet Downing is an antique dealer who knows Dr. Matt Weston. She has used him in the past to authenticate old items. Matt is like a big brother to her. Molly has a thing for the tarot. She has met Bill Forestner and his wife about a year ago when he was looking for a rare book, `Philosophies of the Ancients” by Cordo Wilhem. She was never able to locate a copy for sale. She knows that Bill Forestner has a really good book collection that she'd love to get her hands on…